Becoming a Verified Brand

How to claim your GTINs to start collecting product metrics from your retailers

Your account becomes a Verified Brand if you claim ownership of your GTINs. This enables you to collect third party analytics data from your retailers and other resellers. Learn more about data sharing and tracking here. 

This feature is available for the Google Analytics integration with Plytix and is currently available to both Free and PRO users while in Beta. 

How to claim your GTINs

  1. Navigate to the Analytics area of the PIM
  2. If you haven't done so, connect your Google Analytics account to Plytix
  3. Navigate to the SETTINGS area of Analytics 
  4. Select the GTIN VALIDATION tab
  5. Click the REQUEST VALIDATION button
  6. Input one sample per prefix you want to claim ownership of. It is not necessary to send all your GTINs. Make sure each new prefix sample is on a new line.
  8. Your GTIN will then appear as PENDING until it has gone through the verification process
  9. You can repeat this process as many times as needed
  10. Check the status of your requests in the GTIN VALIDATION TAB. 


What happens next

After you have requested to claim your GTINs, your prefix samples will be sent to our team to verify. We may contact the account owner for more information to verify that the GTINs belong to the company requesting them. 

Once our agents determine that your GTINs are in fact yours, we will validate them and you will own that GTIN within Plytix making it possible to pull in retailer data.