Channel Groups

In Scope, a channel is a source that sends data to the platform. They could be your own domains or also third-party sites. You can group your channels easily to summarize the data.

Channels will be shown as URLs (see below).

Channels 1

Channel groups allow you to segment your sales channels further. When you create a channel group, you will be able to see only the data for those channels in the group on your dashboard. This gives you full control over how you slice and dice your data. Below are some ideas for how channel groups can be used:

Channel Group Ideas:

  • Regions
  • Languages
  • New sales channels
  • High performers
  • Official resellers
  • Premium partners

Creating a Channel Group

To create a channel group:

  1. Go to CHANNELS in the top navigation
  2. Click the ADD CHANNEL GROUP button on the right
  3. Give your channel group a name

Channel 2

Adding Channels to a Group

Channels will automatically be added to your account when data is collected on them. When adding them to a group all you need to do is link them.

To link channels to a group:

  1. Click on the group to add channels
  2. Click the LINK CHANNELS button on the right
  3. Select the channels you wish to add
  4. Click SAVE

channels 3

After you save your channel group, you can go back to your Scope dashboard to see the group on the left hand menu, underneath your Product Groups. From here you can select the group and your analytics chart will only show data for the products in that channel group.

Channels 4