Create and manage PDF Templates

With PDF Templates you can design layouts to use when exporting products to PDF.

1. Create new PDF Template

Create a new PDF Template by clicking the ‘+ Add PDF Template' button.

2. Open and modify PDF Template

Open a PDF Template, by clicking the ‘Name’ of the PDF Template.

3. Search for PDF Template

Search for PDF Template in the search bar.

4 & 5. Delete PDF Template

Bulk select the desired PDF Templates, then click the ‘Delete’ Button, and confirm the deletion.

Template overview

Upon opening a PDF Template you can configure the basic settings.

1. Change thumbnail

You can assign a thumbnail to your PDF Template by clicking the image in the top left hand corner.

2. Change Template name

Click the name of the PDF Template, write the new name and click the save button.

3. Preview creation date and last modified date

When making changes to your PDF Template the date will automatically update, to let you know when you last made changes to your template.

4. Template Designer

Customize your template layout and content. Read more in our article on Designing PDF Templates.

5. Duplicate PDF Template

Press the ‘Duplicate’ Icon, and save your newly generated PDF Template with a new name.

6. Delete PDF Template

Delete your template by clicking the basket icon, and confirming the deletion.