Adding Filter Attributes to Brand Portals

Learn about the types of attributes you can use to filter products in a brand portal.

When creating a brand portal you can enable filters and choose which attributes to filter by. This allows visitors to filter through the products in the portal using the criteria you set. This article lists the different attribute types you can filter by and explains the settings of each.


Accessing Filter Settings

Available Attribute Types


Accessing The Filters Settings of a Brand Portal 

Enter the Designer of the brand portal you want to modify.

1. Click on "Product overview" in the left side menu

2. Click on the icon to the right of "Filters

Brand Portal - Filters

Available attribute types

From the filters settings, you can add attributes to filter by. You can rename how each attribute is displayed in your brand portal, and each attribute type comes with its own set of options.


You can choose attributes of the following types: 

Decimal and Integer 
Dropdown and Multi-select

Decimal and Integer Type Attribute

In both decimal and integer type attributes you can select a minimum and maximum number to filter by. 

Decimal - Integer filters

Dropdown and Multi-select Type Attributes

When it comes to dropdown and multi-select type attributes, you can choose between showing them as a list or a dropdown. See the examples below. 

dropdown-multiselect filters

ℹ️ Displaying an attribute as a list allows visitors to filter by more than one selection.

⚠️ Displaying an attribute as a dropdown means the visitor will only be able to select one option, even if it is a multi-select attribute. 



A category type attribute allows you to choose between displaying the attribute as a tree, or a dropdown. Displaying the attribute as a tree allows visitors to filter by more than one category, while displaying the attribute as a dropdown restricts visitors to filtering by one category at a time. When enabling the option to filter by categories, you can also choose the level of the category tree to show.  

Category filters

ℹ️ Choosing "Index" makes all categories assigned to a product in your catalog visible. 

💡 To learn more about applying attributes and other settings within your brand portal, have a look at our article, Designing Brand Portals.


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