Overview of a Brand Portal's settings

Overview of the different settings of a Brand Portal

When you click on a portal's name from the "Brand Portals" tab, you are taken to that Brand Portal's details. This page contains all the settings and information related to the specific portal. You can also access the Brand Portal designer from here.


The Brand Portal details page includes two main sections





Brand Portal details

The details header lets you:

  1. Set a thumbnail for your Brand Portal to easily identify it
  2. Re-name your Brand Portal
  3. Open or copy the portal URL to your clipboard
  4. See when the portal was created and last updated
  5. View your portal
  6. Open the Brand Portal designer tool to customize the layout
  7. Navigate to the previous/next portal
  8. Duplicate your portal
  9. Delete your portal


Below the header you will find a group of tabs. Each tab contains additional settings related to your portal. This is where you can define which attributes, product group, and asset group you want to include in your portal. You can also define the export, notifications, and security settings of your portal. 


Brand Portal detail tabs

From these you can

  1. Add Attributes to your Brand Portal 
  2. Add products and Assets to your Brand Portal
  3. Set the export settings of your Brand Portal
  4. Set the notification settings for your Brand Portal
  5. Set the security settings of your Brand Portal


What's Next?

  • Define the settings of your portal by following the links "Tabs" section of this article. 
  • Design your Brand Portal layout


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