Shopify | Getting the API Access Token from Your Shopify Store

How to generate and find your API Access Token in your Shopify Store

When connecting your Shopify Store with any custom app, you will need to manage API access tokens from your Shopify Store. In order to use our Shopify integration you will need the URL of your Shopify Store and an API access token. In this article you will learn how to generate and find this API access token within your Shopify Store. 

ℹ️ Please note that this guide is intended as a useful resource for Plytix customers, but Plytix cannot be held responsible for use of third-party tools.

Enabling Custom App Development with Shopify

Generating API access token from the Shopify admin

Using Your Token to Connect a Plytix Shopify Channel


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Enabling custom app development within Shopify


You can enable a custom app from your Shopify owner’s account. To do this:

  1. Log in to your Shopify Store as the store owner.

  2. Click on 'Apps' in the admin section on the left sidebar.Click on the apps button to add apps in your Shopify store.

  3. A dropdown menu will appear. Click on 'Apps and sales channels settings'.
    Next, select "App and Sales Channel Settings" from the dropdown menu.

4. In the next window that appears click on 'Develop apps for your store'.

To connect Plytix to your Shopify store, click the "Develop apps for your store" button.

5. Click to 'Allow Custom App Development'. Click again to allow for custom app development in your Shopify store. 6. In the next window, read the warning and information provided and click 'Allow Custom App Development' again.Shopify will give you a warning, then you can click to allow custom app development for your store.
7. After you've allowed the custom app development, you can select 'Create an app'.

Once you allow for custom app development, you can click to create an app.8. You'll be asked to give your app a name, and add your email in the "App developer" text box.

When you create an app, you'll need to give your app a name and choose a developer.9. Once you've created an app, navigate to the 'Configuration' tab and select 'Configure' in the "Admin API Integration" section.In the Admin API Integration section, click the "Configure" button.10. Under "Admin API access scopes" you'll see many categories. Scroll down until you reach "Products." Here, you'll click to tick the boxes for 'write_products' and 'read_products', then click the 'Save' button.In the products area of admin API access scopes, you'll need to select permissions to write and read products.


💡 If you want to use the variant fields "HS Code, Country of Origin, and Cost Per Item" in your Shopify store, you should also enable read/write permissions for inventory.



Generating API Access Token from the Shopify admin

To generate your access token: 

  1. Head to the tab 'API Credentials'.
  2. Click on 'Install' in the "Access tokens" box.Navigate to the API credentials tab and click to install your app.
  3. Confirm the installation by clicking on 'Install' in the window that appears.Read the message that appears and click again to install your app in your Shopify store.
  4. Now you will see your Admin API Access Token has been generated. Click on 'Reveal token once' and you will see the token. 

Click to reveal your API access token, which you will use to link your Plytix channel to your Shopify store.


Using Your Token to Connect a Shopify Channel

From the Plytix Channels tab, click on the 'Add Channel' button.

In the window that appears, select a "Shopify" type channel. If you haven't previously connected a Shopify store, then 'New connection' is selected by default. Enter your store name as it appears in your Shopify account and paste the token in the text "API Access Token" text box. To finish, click 'Add Channel' again.

create-channelTo be sure your connection is working, click on 'Test Connection' and if it's successful, you'll see the phrase changes to "It works!"


Now that your channel is connected to your Shopify store, follow the steps in our Creating and Managing a Shopify Channel article to add your products, map your product attributes to Shopify fields and set up a schedule for updating your store automatically!


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