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How to customize the footer in your product sheet

Like with the header, you can also customize the footer of product sheets. You can define how much space the footer should occupy, add text inputs, and include a background image. This article walks you through how to set these options up.




Text & Link





You can customize the footer of a product sheet from the Product Sheet Designer tool. Once opened, navigate to the Product Page Settings and click on the footer section as shown below. 

product sheet designer - footer



Height allows you to change how much space the footer occupies at the bottom of the template. This number, when modified, will change the amount of space available for text and images. 


Text & Link

The Text field allows you to add a line of text to your footer section. You can change the size, color, and font of this text.

You can also add a clickable link to this text by inputting a URL into the LINK space. When a link is added the text will appear underlined to show it is hyperlinked.

text - footer - product sheet


Pagination can be activated by using the switcher.

  • There are two options: Center aligned or Odd/Even.
  • The Odd/Even selection will alternate left and right alignment based on the page number. 
  • Pagination appears in a standard Serif font and will inherit the color of the Text input.

Screenshot 2020-01-13 at 20.24.31

Example Footer with Pagination and Text with Link:



You can also add a background image or color. These two settings can be combined to generate different visual headings. 

Screenshot 2020-01-13 at 20.26.33


To upload an image to your Footer Background you have two options: 

  1. You can upload a new image from your local device
  2. You can upload an image that is already stored in your PIM


ℹ️ If you add a new asset into your Footer Background, this asset will not get stored in the PIM.


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