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How to design the Header of your Product Sheet template.

When designing Product Sheet templates, you can customize the header for brand consistency. This article explains how to get to the header settings and the options available for customization. 


Header Settings






How to Customize The Header

You can customize the header settings from the Product Sheet Designer. 

  1. Click on Product Sheets in the top navigation menu
  2. Select the product sheet you want to edit
  3. In the Product Sheet details page, click on "Designer"
  4. From the product page settings select "Header"

product sheet designer - header



Height allows you to change how much space the header occupies at the top of the template. This number, when modified, will change the amount of space available for text and images. 

Product sheets - header height




The title is the top line of text. You can change the size, color, and font of this text. 

Product Sheet Title



The subtitle is the bottom line of text, right below the title. You can change the size, color, and font of this text.

Product Sheets - Header - Subtitle



You can also add a background image or color. These two settings can be combined to generate different visual headings. 



To upload an image to your Header Background you have two options: 

  1. You can upload a new image from your local device
  2. You can upload an image that is already stored in your PIM


ℹ️ When uploading a new asset, it will not get stored in the PIM 


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