Lesson 10: What's the best way to work with your products?

When working individually, you can apply and combine the filters, table views and tailor-made lists to segment your products more efficiently according to what you’re working on at that moment.

This lesson is to help you set up a better and more efficient work structure, depending on  the work that is going to be done:

  1. Individually (or)
  2. As a team


Example: those who work in logistics can focus on specific attributes like measurements, units, weight, … On the other hand, those in marketing can use other attributes like product descriptions, SEO keywords, price … to see what products are ready to market.

And, if you're working as a team?


shine work

Plytix allows you to design personalised workflows for your team as a way to collaborate collectively along the lifecycle journey of your products.

Let’s say you create an attribute group named ‘Product Lifecycle Management’ and inside that group, you add dropdown attributes like Lifecycle Stage → Development / Sales / Design, or Product Owner → Camilla / Florence / Jonathan, or Product Validation → Pending review / Validated / Website ready, etc. 

From here you can apply the above attributes as filters to create a smart list so that your team members know which products they need to be working with.

Example: if you are a Product Manager you can create a list called Product Validation → Pending Review, that way all of the products pending your review will appear and can be worked on accordingly.

This is a great way to work individually or collectively to improve your companies processes and workflows, plus you are able to add as many users as you want - it’s free!