Lesson 12: How do I share my data? (Human vs. Machine)

It all comes down to the final destination of your product information - Human vs. Machine... So, what’s the difference between sharing information with people or machines?


computer says no

Studies show that people tend to digest information visually, and that information should appear as realistic and tangible as possible. For this reason, in order to distribute content to humans we use PDFs or E-catalogs.

Computers on the other hand have no feelings; they feed themselves with whatever information arrives and their only rule is that the content/info (letters, numbers, …) needs to be flawless. So, when it comes to working with machines, we would use the Channels and API features of the PIM.

Channels and Catalogs require product lists to distribute desired and correct information to the end users. Both will be discussed in more detail in the next few lessons, but if you can't wait then head on over to our help centre, where you can find detailed guides on how to set all of these up, as well as API documentation.