Lesson 13: Catalogs (Human to Human)

Catalogs provide a portal where you can share your awesome product content with anyone without having to give full access to your PIM system. Catalogs are ideally used to share products with your sales teams or customers.

Creating, deleting, filtering and sharing product information has never been easier, not to mention so good-looking ;)


Plytix PIM lets you create as many personalized catalogs as you need, and you can choose the attributes you want to share depending on who your product information is going to be shared with.

Then, you can simply share or embed it using the unique link provided, and this will allow instant access to that specific catalog (so you can rest easy because they won’t have access to your entire PIM system, just the information you chose). From there, people can filter product data, view fully enriched products, multi-select products and download selected items into an aesthetic PDF file. Even better - you can password protect your Catalogs, too!


It’s key to understand that viewing product catalogs may feel like cruising through a web shop. People can easily navigate through your products, filter their specific needs, visualize them, select their favorite items and then download. But, it doesn't stop there - very soon we're updating the system so that your users can order directly from a catalog, too! 

Now, let’s wrap up what we have just gone over! Distribute your product information using Plytix PIM to create beautiful catalogs for your products.

As Marie Kondo would say, "Begin sparking joy with your products!" 

Any questions, you know the drill!