Lesson 14: Advanced Lesson - Catalogs Settings

Now, let's take Catalogs a step further with a bunch of advance settings that Plytix PIM offers.

With advance settings you can go beyond regular catalog features, and really unleash the beauty of your products with options like:

  • Group variations to parent products
  • Show draft as well as complete products in the public catalog
  • Show private files in the public catalog
  • Add a footer link (Useful for impressum statements)
  • Add security options to password protect the catalog

Now, as mentioned before we want to generate a compelling visual experience, to please whoever you give access to your catalogs.

So before exporting the catalog to a PDF file, you've got the option to include a groovy front and back cover by simply filling in the gaps! You can turn something like this, into something like this in a matter of minutes!


Now your products can spark joy faster and easier than ever! If you still haven't unlocked this feature, book a meeting with us.