Lesson 4: What do I do with my product media files?

When the time comes, you will find yourself facing the task of importing your product files (media, docs, pictures, etc). How smoothly/quickly this goes, depends on the current status of your pictures, and your current file organizational levels.

Here are two common feelings clients have experienced when the truth comes to light:

  1. You will get that feeling of sliding through life like a boss because everything is pretty much organized and requires very little effort on your part. (or)

  2. You will get mad at your unorganized past self, take a deep breath, and with my help, I will ensure you don’t make the same mistake twice.

happy      VS.     shock

So, what will determine one or the other? It all depends on the current format you have your pictures in.


These are the three most common cases:

  1. In an ideal world,  you can link the URLs from your website, Dropbox, Google Drive etc…, against the SKUs on the spreadsheet and convert it to a CSV file, which you can then bulk import into the PIM.

  2. If your picture’s name matches the SKU, we can mass import them in a matter of minutes with some image mapping magic. This case is a little harder, but still doable.

  3. If none of the previous options are possible, you will have to manually import the pictures against the SKUs. It can a bit of tedious process, but not to worry, it’s only a one time thing. Plus, we are here to help!


If you’re not sure where you stand, or any of these options have you running for the hills, book a meeting with us ;)