Lesson 7: What is a Label and why is it useful?

First and foremost, the Label and SKU attributes are partners in crime. These two work side by side complementing one another, and knowing the difference will help your company work better and more efficiently.

So, what is a Label and a what is an SKU?

They are the two main identifiers assigned to every one of your products, and they are the most valuable ones to consider when managing your product information. The Label is the textual part of the SKU (unique identifier), and the SKU is a number that is assigned internally within the company to identify a product/part, etc.

So why is the name (Label) and number (SKU) so important?

Well, for starters the Plytix PIM Search Bar works using SKUs and/or Labels to find products, therefore choosing the right one will make your navigation through the platform faster and more efficient.

Keep in mind that:

  • The Label is going to be a name used internally by a company to designate the product, it can be different for each company. That’s why you should choose a Label that seems right and intuitive for your particular industry and that suits your business needs on a daily basis. For example, some companies Label their products with a descriptive text (name + color + size + price) and others may use the products barcode. Just remember, it’s your call (but it should probably make sense).
  • The SKU, on the other hand, is usually given by following certain logistics with regards to the rest of your products. The SKU is a dependent variable, therefore it’s also trickier to edit.




Hope you enjoyed this speedy lesson, for any other questions please reach out! We are happy to help!