Lesson 8: How to use table views to visualize your product information?

Table Views are a great way to help structure your product information - making it not only aesthetically pleasing to look at, but also delivering easier and more digestible information to work with.

By now you have probably spent enough time navigating through the PIM, and a certain feature called 'Product Table Views' may have caught your eye. Table Views are yet another feature there to help you manage your products better.

But it doesn’t end there, Plytix PIM comes with a preset Table View to overview your products, and this can be easily edited and customized to better suit your business / working needs. Table Views can also be edited, saved and recalled again, this way you can always get a quick overview of your product data, whether you’re working with marketing content, logistics data or pricing for your products.

You can also personalize your current Table View by following these 3 easy steps:


Therefore, Table Views allows you to work with the info you need to see on the fly!

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