Designer Overview - PDF Templates

Learn the different parts of the designer to start creating PDF Templates

The PDF Template Designer allows you to customize the style and content of PDFs generated from Plytix. 

When you first enter the designer you will notice a few different sections: 

Document Settings

Here you can choose the page size and orientation of your PDF. There are two sizes and two orientations available: 


  • US Letter (215.9 x 279.4 mm or 8.5 x 11 in)
  • A4 (210 x 297mm or 8.25 x11.75 in)


  • Portrait
  • Landscape

⚠️You can switch these settings at any time while you are designing, but be aware that these changes do have consequences in terms of how much content will fit on each page. 

Make sure to double check your previews and PDFs after changing document settings.


This is an overview of the pages you have designed in your PDF. There are two types of Pages - Products and non-product pages, which we refer to as Static Pages. 



The Products “page” defines how your products will appear when exported via PDF.  This is where your product layouts can be edited. You only see one Products page because this serves as a template that will be applied to whichever products you choose to export via this PDF Template.


Static Pages

These can be used to create covers, indexes, and other helpful and/or promotional content for your PDFs. They are called Static Pages because they do not change based on the products you export with the template. 

You can add unlimited Static Pages. 

Page Settings

Page settings is where you create your layouts and designs for each page. There are different settings for the Products “page” and the non-product pages.

Learn how to use each in these guides provided below: 

Product Page Settings


In each of the Page Setting areas, you will see a Preview area. This allows you to visualize how your styles will be applied to your PDF Template. 

As you edit, the preview will appear with the new styles, however you must save changes in order to apply them permanently.

You can choose a single product to serve as your preview product.