Products - PDF Templates

How to use the Products tab to customize the display of your products in PDF Templates

Product Page Settings are broken down into different sections that allows you to customize your PDF output. The Products section defines how your products, attributes, and images will be displayed upon export. 


Product displays are built by creating different component types. You can add unlimited components, but be mindful of the space you have available for different layouts.




Learn more about each type in these different guides:

Adding New Components

To add new components to your template:

  1. Click the ADD button on the top right corner of the Components section
  2. Give the component a name (This is used to identify the component in the list, you can change this later)
  3. Choose the type of component you want to add
  4. Click ADD



Then you will be taken to the editor for the component you have chosen.

After editing the component, you can always go back to the editor by clicking the pencil icon that appears when you hover over the component you wish to edit. 



Reordering Components

The order from top to bottom of the components list is how they will appear in the Preview. To change the order, simply drag and drop the component to the place you would like it to be. 


Deleting Components

To delete a component, hover over the component you want to delete and click the TRASH CAN icon.


Deleting components cannot be undone once you click SAVE CHANGES.