Resizing Images

How to resize images when exporting to Channels and E-Catalogs

Depending on where you need your product images, you may need to resize them. You can do this when building Channels or E-Catalogs. This is not available for Quick Exports from the Product Overview. 

How to Resize Images

It is important when resizing images to make sure you have uploaded a high resolution image to the PIM.


  1. Go to the Attributes tab of the Channel or Catalog you are building
  2. Select the media attributes you want to include 

  3. Click the Options icon of the image you want to resize. This is found on the far right side of the table. 
  4. Activate the RESIZE IMAGES option
  5. Select the new dimensions you would like to have

  6. Click OK
  7. Remember to save your changes :) 



This option will make sure that your images are resized and will remain proportional. You can fix the ratio on either the height or the width. 

If you choose not to fix the ratio, you will be able to put in any combination of resizing, however note that this could affect the quality and presentation of your images.