Supported File Types

Which file extensions and formats can be stored and viewed in Plytix as assets

Plytix gives you the ability to store a wide variety of file types including images, video, audio and documents.

However, not all files can be viewed as a thumbnail or opened without downloading. This does not impact the ability of Plytix to send all of your assets to your desired sales channels-- all product media will be uploaded to product listings just the same as if it had come from a local folder on your computer. 

ℹ️ Note that this is not an exhaustive list. Plytix supports most file types that are not executable. If you have questions regarding a file type not shown here, feel free to reach out to our team.


File Type Extension Can be stored in Plytix Thumbnail can be viewed in Plytix File can be viewed in Plytix
3D Image FBX    
3D Image OBJ    
Audio MP3    
BIM / Autodesk Revit RFA    
BIM / Autodesk Revit RVT    
Bitmap Image GIF  
Bitmap Image BMP    
Compressed Folder ZIP    
Document PDF  
Excel XLS/X    
Excel XLSM    
Executable EXE      
Flash Video FLV    
Image JPG
Image JPEG
Image PNG  
Image WEBP
Image TIFF  
Multimedia MP4  
Photoshop PSD    
Powerpoint POTX    
Powerpoint PPT/X    
Spreadsheet CSV    
Vector SVG
Vector EPS    
Video MOV    
Video MPG    
Video OGV    
Video WMV    
Video AVI    
Video MPEG    
Word Document DOC/X    
Word Document DOTX