Lesson 5: How to deal with attribute groups?

Unless you organize attributes into groups, you will find them all hanging out under the same umbrella: All user attributes. But of course, you can create your own groups.

Before moving on to attribute groups, let’s do a quick recap of creating and managing your product attributes.

Product attributes can be anything from price and measurements, to descriptions and materials - any little bit of info there is to know about your products. The only thing you have to keep in mind when creating attributes is what type of data the attribute will hold. To learn how to create a new attribute, click this link.


Ideally you should organize these groups in a logical and practical way to make your product information clear and digestible .


That way you will:

  • Create a simple, aesthetically pleasing interface
  • Improve your navigation experience
  • Make distributing your product content 6x faster and 6x easier

Keep in mind: there are no rules for how to group your attributes, but it’s common to group the Product Attributes by department like Marketing, Logistics, Pricing, or even use the groups for Language Handling, etc. (In the link above you can learn how to successfully arrange attributes in to groups). 

If it’s your first time going through this process, may I suggest giving it some time and thought so you can figure out the most practical and effective way to manage your products in the long run.

This is what your product information should look like once you have successfully arranged all groups and attributes! 




For any further questions, feel free to reach out or book a meeting!