Define Data Format For XML Channels

Configure the format of an XML feed.

In the Data Format tab of an XML channel, you can build a template for how the feed should be formatted. Please refer to the documentation of the feed consumer to get blueprints on how to build your feed template, in most cases what an example feed provides is enough information to build your feed in PIM.

This is the standard layout of a new feed, with attributes and products already preloaded into your PRODUCT node. On the left you have the feed you can build (1), and on the right is a preview of how your feed looks like (2). Press the '+ Add Node' button to insert a new Node (3), or click the 'Add Subnode' icon, to insert a Node below the select Node (4). Click the 'Double arrow' Icon to expand or collapse a node (5). If you want to adjust the settings for a parent or child node, you can click the settings button (6).

Configuring the format of an XML feed

Pressing the settings icon on a node, opens up the settings panel on the right side of your screen (1). Here you can configure your node. Set your Node tag (2), apply an attribute and a Value (3), add more attributes (4) or change the placement of your node (5).

XML Feeds options panel

If you have multiple sub-nodes connected to a node on the same hierarchy level, you can select the subnode on the 'dots'-icon to the left of the node name, you can then drag and drop it, to change the order of the sub-nodes on the same hierarchy level (1).

Drag and drop feature