Managing Channels

With Channels you can set up CSV, XLSX (Excel) and XML feeds in order to syndicate product information to another system. The third party system can either be a webshop, marketplace, ERP system or any other system which can consume a feed.

From the Channels screen you can see an overview and manage all feeds you have in the system. Here is a list of options you have to edit your feeds by selecting them from the overview:

Channel Overview 

  1. Create a new Channel - To create a new channel click the '+ Add Channel' button.
  2. Edit Channel - To edit a channel, click the 'NAME' of the channel.
  3. Delete a Channel - To delete a channel, select your channel and click the 'Delete' button.
  4. Search for a Channel - If you have trouble navigating your channels, you can use the search-bar to find a specific channel.
  5. Set status - To change the status of your channel, click the 'Set status' button, and select to either have the channel 'Active' or 'Inactive' in the window. You can see if your channel is active or inactive in the overview in the 'ACTIVE' column.
Mannaging channels

Channel Detail

  1. Duplicate Channel - To duplicate a channel, click the desired 'NAME' of your channel and go to its page, here you can select the 'Duplicate' channel button in the top right corner.
  2. Delete Channel - Delete any Channel by using the bin icon in the top right corner.