Establish channel connections to FTP and Dropbox

Connect your FTP and Dropbox connections to your channels, and push your feed data in to storage or for redistribution with ERP systems and more.

Creating your connections

To setup a connection between a feed and your dropbox or ftp, you start by creating a connection to either your FTP or Dropbox, see our articles on these processes here:

Creating a FTP connection

Creating a Dropbox connection

Connecting your feed to your FTP and dropbox connections

Create channels and push their feeds to your connections.

Go to 'Channels' (1) and select to open a channel (2).

Connecting your feed to your FTP and dopbox connections

Inside your channel, navigate to the 'SETTINGS' tab (1). Here you can manage your 'Connections' for this selected channel feed (2).


Creating connections

To create a connection to your channel, select the dropdown called 'Send copy to' (1). Select a connection from a list of all your created connections. When selected the connection will be added to the 'Connected' list below (2). Click the options icon assigned to your connection (3) to change the 'Destination Folder' name (4). If you don't choose any, the system will use your channel name to set a default folder name.

Creating connections

Using your connection

To Send data from your channel to your connection, you just have to process your feed (1). And a copy of your processed feed data will be send to the connection(s).

Using your connection