Create And Manage Product Table Views

You can select what attributes/columns are shown in the All Products screen by defining a custom Product Table View. Product Table Views can be saved and recalled again, this way you can always get a quick overview of your product information

Create a Product Table View

To manage your Product Table Views navigate to Settings (1) and open Product table views (2).

From this page you can create and manage your Table Views. When you create a Table View it get listed in the 'Product table views' list (3). Here you can edit and alter the columns of your table views, and you can search for your desired Tables that you create (4).

To create a new table view, click the '+ Add view' button in the top right corner (5).

creating product table views

You continue by filling in the name of your new 'View name' (1). and continue by pressing the 'Save' button (2).

Adding name of table view

In the next window you can now select what columns your Table View should be displaying.

You can find all available attributes in the left side (1). You can expand the different attribute groups, or search for an attribute at the top. Click the desired attributes and all selected attributes will get displayed in the right side (2). When you have completed your settings for the table view, press the 'Save' button (3).

Adding attributes to table view

Edit a Product Table View

To edit a created Table View, you can select a table by clicking its name on the 'Product Table Views' list (1). Here you edit your data, in the same manor as it was created, and you finalize by pressing 'Save'.

Editing a product table view

Delete a product Table View

To delete a Table View, select the desired table view(s) from the 'Product Table Views' list (1). You can now press the 'Delete' button to remove it (2).

Deleting a product table view

Loading a Product Table View

To load a Product Table View. Go to the 'All Products' page (1). Click the disk icon (Load/Save table view) on the right side (2), and select the 'Load/Save columns from the table view' from the dropdown (3).

Loading a product table view

In the new window, you select the desired Table view you want to use from the dropdown (1). And press 'Apply' button, to load the settings (2).

Loading table views

Loading and Saving a Product Table View data from 'All Products'

On the 'All Products' page (1), you can select which table views you want to display by pressing the 'Choose table columns' button on the right side (2). In the window, you select the attributes you want to display, and press the 'Save' button.

Loading and saving a product table view from all products screen

If you like the settings you have created you can choose to save the settings directly from the page. Click the disk icon (Load/Save table view) on the right side (1), and select 'Save columns to table view' from the dropdown (2).

Saving columns to table view

In the new window you jump between selecting either 'Update existing Table view' (1) or 'Create new Table view' (2). Either select an existing table view from the dropdown (3), or write in the new name of table you want to create (4). And finish the process by clicking either of the 'Apply' buttons (5).

Update or create table view