Table Views

Select what attributes/columns are shown in the product overview table by defining a Table View.

Table views can be saved and recalled again, this way you can always get a quick overview of your product data, whether you’re working with marketing content, logistics data or pricing for your products.

To customize your current Table View click the 'Choose table column' button (1).

Table views - column attributes

In the window you can now select attributes to your Table View (1). With the selected attributes you can rearrange their view order, by dragging them up and down (2), or remove them from your selection, by pressing the red x next to the attribute name (3).

Screenshot 2019-03-08 at 13.40.55

To save or load columns from a Table View click the 'Save/load table view' button right next to the 'Choose table column' button (1). When you are saving, you can either choose to create a new table view or update an existing one.

Table views - 3

How to customize table views

To modify your table views, you can go to settings (1). Here you select 'Product table views' from the column in the left side of your screen (2). You can now see a full overview of all your table views (3). Click the name of a table view to modify its settings (4). You can also select a table view on the list (5) to delete it (6). Or lastly, create new table views by clicking the '+ Add view' (7).

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To learn more about how to manage and use product table views, read the article on how to create and manage product table views