Edit Product Attributes

How to edit product attributes for a single or multiple products

How to create and work organized with attributes

Attributes are created by either, importing data sheets or by creating them manually.

All attributes that are created in PIM, are available for all products to store information in.

To keep order in attributes that are shared between products such as 'price', plus attributes that are specific to certain product families, Ie. Guitar-attributes like 'Number of strings' and Drum-attribute like 'Diameter', you can create Attribute Groups and automatically hide the attributes which are not relevant when working with a certain product.

How to edit product attributes on a single product

When looking at the 'ATTRIBUTES' tab of a Product (1), while using the one column layout (2), you will find a side bar for 'Attribute Groups' (3), here you can choose to see 'All user attributes' that can be defined for the product, or you can view the attributes that belong to a specific group (3). On the right side of the screen the attributes available will be displayed (4).

Editing product attributes

Show and hide attributes.

When working with attributes you can either choose to display all attributes or only the ones that has a value defined, by clicking the ‘Empty attributes are visible/hidden’ button (1). This also works for hiding empty attribute groups (2).

Show and hide attributes

Show and hide Attribute groups

This functionality allows you to work with many different product families without having to introduce an extra layer of complexity in terms of defining product types.

If you want to define product types, just create a drop down attribute with the types of products you have as options, and make an attribute group with specific attributes for the product type.

Two column layout

In certain situations it is useful to compare two attribute groups when editing a product. In example, when working with translations and have an attribute group for each language.

To use a two column layout for comparing attribute groups, simply click the layout button (1). Enabling you to load two different attribute groups. (2).

2 column layout

How to bulk edit attributes across multiple products

When working with your products, you sometimes need to edit an attribute across several products in bulk. This can be done by going to the 'All Products' page (1). From here you select the products that needs changing (2), and press the edit button (3). Remember, if you click the select all button, that only the first page of products are selected, unless you click the 'Select all products' (4).

Bulk editing sttributes

You can now edit up to 3 different attributes at once for all the selected products by choosing to ‘+ Edit other attribute’ (1). You assign the new or updated values and press the 'Save' button.

editing other attributes

To learn more about bulk editing, go to the article on Bulk Edit Products.