Create Computed Attributes

How to create Computed Attributes for transforming outputs on Channels, E-Catalogs, and PDFs

Computed Attributes help you transform your attribute outputs using formulas. This feature is available for Channels, E-Catalogs, and PDF Templates. 

How to Create Computed Attributes

  1. Navigate to the Channel, E-Catalog, or PDF Template you wish to test with
  2. Open the ATTRIBUTES TAB, where you manage all your attributes
  4. Then on the right panel you will see a button to add a NEW COMPUTED ATTRIBUTE

  5. Click this and add a new name to identify the Computed Attribute. This will be the attribute label. 
  6. Click OK
  7. Then save your changes
  8. To start creating your formulas for this new attribute click the OPTIONS ICON on the right

To learn how to create, edit, and test formulas, use this guide: