Managing Channels

How to manage your channels in Plytix from the channel overview and channel detail page

ℹ️  To learn how to create a channel feed for syndication, check out the article: Creating a channel.


Channel overview

Channel detail


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Channel Overview

You can view and access all the channels in your account from channel overview. To get to the channel overview, click on the "Channels" tab in the top navigation menu.


Plytix channel overview


From here you can: 

  1. Create a new channel
  2. Search and filter by channel type (CSV, XML, XLSX, and Shopify) 
  3. Change the status of channels 
  4. Delete channels

Channel detail


channel detail


When you click on a channel name in the channel overview, you will enter that channel's details page. This is where you can set up and modify that channel's settings.


ℹ️   For more details on modifying a channel's settings, see the article on creating a channel.


You can also: 

1. Duplicate a channel

2. Delete a channel 


💡  Duplicating a channel can save time in creating and setting up similar channels.


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