Create And Manage Product Attributes

By creating Product Attributes you define the types of information your products can hold. Attributes can be anything from a simple measurement number to longer pieces of marketing content.

The primary thing to keep in mind when creating attributes is what type of data the attributes will hold. To learn more, have a look at this article on attribute types.

Continue reading here on how to create attributes, arrange them into groups, and how to edit, clone and delete them.

Manually create a new attribute

To create a new attribute, navigate to Settings (1)
Open Product attributes (2),
and click the button ‘+ Create attribute’ in the top right corner (3).


Manually create a attribute


After clicking the ‘+ Create attribute’ button, a window will appear which provides you the ability to create any type of attribute.


Attribute overview


Naming attributes

When selecting an attribute type, a window appears that gives you the ability to give the attribute a name that correlates to what you will be using it for (1).
If you are creating multiple attributes, one after the other, you can activate the 'Create another' switch to create another attribute as soon as you have saved the previous one (2).
Finalize the creation by clicking the 'Save' button (3).


Naming attributes

The window also contains a label. The label is an internal ID for the attribute which is used with API integrations, the label is auto-generated upon creation which is the reason why you can’t edit that field, in other words; Don’t worry about the label.

Attribute options field

Some attributes contain another field called 'Options' (1).
This section is used to add further values to the attribute. In this example, it is used to assign multiple color values to the attribute. (2).
Write a color value: "Brown" (3), and click the '+ Add option' to add the value (4).


Attribute options field


Arranging attributes in groups

In order to make it easier to work with your Product Attributes, it is possible to arrange them in groups for a clearer segmentation of the information. The common practice is to create groups based on departments and product segments. 


To group your attributes, navigate to Settings (1).
Open Product attributes (2).
Select the ‘GROUPS’ tab (3).
Click the ‘+ Create group’ button in the top right corner to create a new group (4).


Arranging attributes in groups


In the 'New attribute group' window, Give your group a name (1),
and press 'Next' t0 continue (2).


Group name-1

In the next window, you can start organizing which attributes belong to your new group.
On the left side, you have all 'Available attributes' (1),
On the right side column you have all 'Selected attributes' you have chosen for your group (2).
You can search for attributes or open the groups to find the attributes you are looking for. Finalize by pressing the 'Save' button to keep your selection for the new attribute group (3).


Adding attributes


Editing and organizing attribute groups


Editing, cloning and deleting

To edit an attribute group, hover the group you wish to change (1).
An action menu will now appear. From here you can either Edit, Clone or Delete the group (2).


Editing cloning and deleting


Drag and Drop

Click to drag & drop attribute groups up and down to set the order you want them to appear.
This has an effect on displaying attributes in features like the E-Catalogs autofill.


Drag and dropping attribute groups


Deleting an attribute

To delete an attribute, navigate to 'Settings' (1)
From here, open 'Product attributes' (2).
Now select the attribute(s) you wish to delete (3).
Press the delete button (4) and confirm.


Deleting individual attributes


Attributes in use

As an account gains complexity, some attributes might be used many places and for many features. Therefore, you can access the 'Attribute Use' panel for each attribute.

Find it within 'Settings' (1).
Select 'Product attributes' (2).
Now hover over an attribute within the table (3), and a Globe icon will appear.


Screenshot 2019-07-09 at 10.05.43


Click the Globe icon, to access the 'Attribute Use' panel.
You can now see where the attribute is actively being used. 


Screenshot 2019-07-09 at 10.39.40Click the dropdown arrows to see where the attribute is in use (1).
Click any of the products, catalogs or channels to go to their location within the PIM (2).

 Navigate the attribute usage