Restricting Options of Dropdown or Multiselect Attributes upon Import

How to restrict and validate options for Dropdown or Multiselect attributes upon import in Plytix

When working with Dropdown or Multiselect attributes it can be helpful to restrict adding new options upon import to Dropdown or Multiselect attributes, to avoid potential errors when handling product data. In this article you will learn how to restrict the options within Dropdown or Multiselect attributes and restrict the creation of new options for these attributes upon import.


Restricting new options in the settings

Editing restricted attributes in the PIM

Matching CSV file to restricted attributes 

Import Logs

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⚠️ Only admins of an account are able to restrict options of a Dropdown or Multi-select attribute.


Restricting new Dropdown or Multiselect options in the settings

As an admin in Plytix, you have the option to restrict new options upon import or creation when creating or editing a dropdown or multi-select type attribute.

For this you need to:

  1. Go to the “Settings” section of the PIM under “Product attributes
  2. Create or edit a Dropdown or Multiselect attribute
  3. Click on “Restrict” Edit/Add options on import



Editing restricted attributes in the PIM

Users can still edit restricted Dropdown or Multiselect attributes from within the PIM in the settings section, adding or deleting options or even changing this attribute restriction. 

However, users cannot add duplicate options that match an already existing one. 




Matching CSV file to restricted attributes 

When importing a CSV file that contains a restricted attribute, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. When mapping the attributes you will see a little message saying “This is a restricted attribute. Only valid options will be accepted upon import.” This way you will know that this attribute is restricted. 


Values that do not match any options available in the system will not be imported and will be case sensitive. But if the value matches an option’s letters but not the cases, then that option will be imported to the matching option (example: value RED or red will match option Red). 



Import Logs 


After you have successfully imported a CSV with values that didn’t match any options for a restricted Dropdown or Multiselect, the state of the log is “Finished” but the result is “Warning”




If you open the log detail you can see which products were affected since these will be marked with a “Warning” and contain the following message: “Attribute X has an invalid value “X”. New values were not added because they do not match valid options established for the attribute.” 



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