Creating and Managing Product Attributes

Learn what attributes are, and how to create and use them in Plytix

Product Attributes are fields that hold your product information in Plytix. These are the building blocks for your product content. Other systems may call these properties, values, or fields.

In this article, we will teach you how to create custom product attributes and how to manage them in your PIM Settings. 

Creating a new attribute

Inserting attribute descriptions

Editing attribute options

Modifying existing attributes

Deleting attributes

See attributes in use


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Creating a new attribute

There are two ways to create new attributes, either from Settings or upon import. To learn how to create attributes upon import click here.


Create a new attribute from Settings

  1. Navigate to "Settings" in the top menu.
  2. The Settings area will automatically open in "Product Attributes". If not, you may not have permissions to manage attributes.
  3. Click the "Create an attribute" button in the top right corner.

  4. Choose the attribute type you want to create





  5. Give your attribute a name. We suggest giving the attribute a name that will be easily recognizable and searchable. These names can be transformed upon output if you are using Channels, Brand Portals, or Product Sheets.



  6. Once you have finished, you can click "Save". If you want to create multiple attributes in a row, click the "Create another" switch to start the process over again.


⚠️ In order to keep your data clean and simple, it's not possible to create an attribute with the same name as an already existing one. 



ℹ️ Labels will be automatically generated by the system based on the attribute name. So if your attribute name is "Product Description" the label will become "product_description". Labels cannot be edited after creation.

Inserting Attribute Descriptions

When you have multiple team members enriching information in the PIM, it can be necessary to communicate any extra information about the attributes that live in your system such as the use of it or any requirements users should keep in mind when enriching (character limits, no capital letters, etc..). 

For this purpose, as an admin you can add a descriptive text to your attributes. This can be set up when creating or editing attributes from within the “settings” area. 



ℹ️ The descriptions have a character limit of up to 200 characters 

Once you have inserted a description to an attribute, this description will also be reflected on a product editing page as a tool tip. By clicking on the question mark, users will see the description you have inserted. 




Editing Attribute Options

There are 3 attribute types that have options associated with them: Dropdown, Multi-select, and Completeness attributes.

Dropdown and Multi-select Options

These attribute types require you to define the different selectable options that will appear in the PIM. If you select one of these attributes, you will see the following options:


  • "Sort" will determine how your options appear in the PIM.
    You can choose to sort them by "Name" (alphabetically) or choosing your own "Manual order" via drag and drop.
  • "Edit/Add options on import" lets you restrict the options one can add upon import for your dropdown or multiselect attributes. When you "Restrict" that option, users will not be able to import any additional options than the one already established in the system. 

To add new options, write in the space provided and click "Add option" to apply a single option and then add a new one.




⚠️ Options are case-sensitive. So you could potentially end up with "Blue" and "blue" in the same Dropdown or Multiselect attribute.


💡For more consistent, sanitized data in your Dropdown or Mulit-select attributes, you also have the option to restrict them, to avoid having the same value multiple times in different writing. Learn more about restricting your Dropdown or Multiselect attributes here.


Renaming and Modifying Existing Attributes

All attributes can be modified after creation. Elements you can change are: the name and the attribute options.

To edit an existing attribute:

  1. Go to "Settings" in the top menu
  2. Find the attribute you want to edit
  3. Click on the "Name" of the attribute
  4. Modify the attribute
  5. Click "Save"

⚠️ If you remove attribute options, you also remove them all over the PIM.



Deleting an attribute

To delete an attribute:

  1. Go to "Settings" in the top menu
  2. Select the attribute you want to delete
  3. Click the "Delete" button that appears at the top of the table
  4. Confirm your deletion



⚠️  Attributes cannot be deleted if they are used in Channels, E-Catalogs, or PDF Templates. 



Attributes in use

In Plytix, you can see where each attribute is used. 

To see attributes in use: 

  1. Go to "Settings" in the top menu
  2. In the "Product Attributes" area, find the attribute you want to see in use
  3. Hover over the attribute to reveal a "Globe" icon

    attributes in use
  4. Click the "Globe" icon to show everywhere this attribute is used



You can click on the different sections to be taken to the Product, Channel, E-Catalog, or PDF Template where the attribute is used. 



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