Using Attributes and Other Properties in Computed Attributes

How to find and apply different attributes and properties to Computed Attributes

Computed Attributes are attributes created from formulas that may or may not include other attributes or properties. In this article, we will show you what properties are available and how to find and apply them. 


Overview of Available Properties

Inserting Properties into Formulas

Special Properties


Overview of Available Properties

The properties that you can use in Computed Attributes are: 

  • System Attributes
  • Your custom attributes
  • Special Properties like $IS_VARIATION

⚠️ Media attributes, Relationships, Variations, and Categories are not available for use in Computed Attributes at this moment


Inserting Properties into Formulas

When editing a Computed Attribute formula, you can insert properties by using the "$" symbol. This symbol also lets you search for all available properties to insert into a formula. 



To insert a property into a formula: 

  • Use the $ prefix to locate and insert the property
  • Do not enclose the property in quotation marks

Special Properties

There are two special properties that aren't attributes or another entity within Plytix and are only used for Computed Attributes. 


This property identifies the product in question as being a variation. The result can be either "true" if the product is a variation or "false" if it is a parent product.

Example in Use



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