Creating And Managing Asset Categories

How to create a hierarchical taxonomy to store your assets and keep them organized.

The more assets you have, the more difficult it may be to keep track of them all. In Plytix you can create categories of up to six levels to make finding and managing your assets easier. Asset categories can also be added to your brand portals as a way of filtering assets.


How To Create Asset Categories

How To Manage Asset Categories






How to Create Asset Categories

You can create categories for assets from the Asset Categories settings. 

  1. Click on Settings in the top navigation menu
  2. Choose Asset categories from the left side menu 

Asset Categories

When you begin creating categories and subcategories they will be listed here. 


Creating a parent or first-level category

Creating a subcategory

Creating a parent or first-level category

create asset categories

To create a parent, or first-level, category: 

  1. Click Index under the Asset categories section
  2. Click + Add category
  3. Type in a name for your category
  4. Click the checkmark to save


💡 All you main categories are listed under Index. You can have an unlimited number of main categories with up to 6 levels of subcategories each.

Creating Subcategories 

create asset subcategory

To create a subcategory

  1. Head to the Index section and click on the level you want the subcategory to fall under
  2. Click on + Add subcategory
  3. Name the new subcategory
  4. Click on the checkmark to save


ℹī¸ Click a category or sub category in the left column and the underlaying data from that section will become visible and editable on the right column.


How to Manage Asset Categories






Every time you create a new part of your taxonomy, you can adjust the order of categories by dragging and dropping them around. 

sorting asset categories


Move asset categorymove asset category - selection

To move a category or subcategory to a different category level

  1. Select the category level from the Index section
  2. Hover over the category you want to move
  3. Click on the Move option that appears.
  4. From the popup you can select a new parent category or make the category you are moving its own root category. 
  5. Click Move to save 



rename asset category

To rename a category 

  1. Hover over the category you want to rename
  2. Click Edit 
  3. Rename your category
  4. Click the checkmark to save



deleting asset category

To delete a category

  1. Hover over the category you want to delete
  2. Click the X that appears  
  3. Confirm by clicking Delete in the popup 


⚠ī¸ Deleting a category cannot be undone. Be sure you want to delete before confirming. 

What's Next? 


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