Create And Manage Product Categories

With Product Categories you can build a hierarchical taxonomy to file your products under.

Having your products filed under categories is very useful both in managing and presenting your products, as it makes it easier to navigate your product catalog. The Product Categories you use in the PIM to manage your products, are also used in the digital catalogs you publish.

To create and manage your 'Product Categories', navigate to Settings (1) and open 'Product categories' (2). On the left you can navigate your taxonomy, and access all underlaying subcategories (3). On the right you add and manage your categories/subcategories(4).

Product categories overview

whenever you click a category or sub category in the left column (1), the underlaying data from that section will become visible and editable on the right column (2). On the screenshot you can also see that we currently have the primary 'Category Index' selected (1). Due to this, the button displays the ability to '+ Add Category' (3).

adding and editing product categories

By selecting the '+ Add category' button (1), you will be given the option to write up a new category at this level of the taxonomy tree (2).

adding a new category

Every time you create a new part of your taxonomy, you can adjust the content within the taxonomy level by drag and dropping it around (1).

drag and drop of sub categories

Editing, moving and deleting

If you want to change something for a category, you can hover over a category and action buttons will appear. Press 'Edit' (1) to change the name of the category. Press 'Move' (2) to change the position of the category, or press the x-'Delete' button to delete the category completely (3).

Editing, moving and deleting categories

If you choose to 'Move' the category a new window will appear, you either select a category to move it to, or you write in a name, in the search function, of the location on the taxonomy tree you want the category to be at (1) and press move (2).

Screenshot 2019-02-20 at 11.04.28

Now, all you need to do is apply your categories to your different products. Find out more about how to organise your products in categories