Set Categories For Products

Manage categories for one or multiple products

Categories can be created and set in two ways: during import, and from the product view.

Set Categories During Import

When importing a spreadsheet, you can also create new, and modify product categories. To do this:

1. Make sure you have a column called "Categories". This will ensure that it is matched automatically to the Plytix system attribute. 

2. In this column, format your categories including a hierarchy separator as well as a multi-value separator*

Visual representation explaining how to format multiple product categories for import

*These separators can be defined by you. The one's show are the default settings when importing

3. Then import your CSV spreadsheet under Products > Import. This will automatically create the categories and category trees in the system as well as assigning your products to them

Set Categories from the Product View

After you have navigated to a specific Product in your PIM, click the 'CATEGORIES' tab (1) to set the categories for your product.

The categories are arranged in a tree structure, simply navigate to the branch you need and put a checkmark at the category you want your Product to be filed under (2). (Products can belong to multiple categories) All categories that you include for the product will be displayed in the 'Selected Categories' section (3).

An example of how selected categories are shown in the product view display

Change Categories in Bulk for multiple products

From the 'All Products' screen (1) you can select a range of Products (2) and click the 'Categories' button (3) to either add, replace, or remove Categories from the products in your selection.

A view of the product information management system portal showcasing how to add, replace, or remove categories


Firstly, choose which action you want to do (1), and then select which categories you want to modify for the products (2). All selected categories will get displayed on the right (3). Finally, you can save your new category settings by pressing the 'Save' button (4).

A visual example of how you are able to modify categories and complete bulk editing on categories.

Create and Manage Product Categories

If you have a category that is in the wrong branch or you need to add or remove Categories from your account, just navigate to 'Settings' and manage the Categories. Read more about managing product categories here.