Joining an Existing Account

How to become a user in an existing Plytix account

In order to join an existing account, you must be invited by an administrator of the account. You cannot just sign in with the company name-- this will create a brand new account. 

This invitation process ensures that only validated users are accepted and able to manipulate the data of an existing account. 

Learn how administrators can invite you to join.

After your receive your invitation

First, make sure that you are signed out of any Plytix accounts on your device. 

Next, open the email invitation from the account administrator and be sure to complete the registration process or you will need to start the process again.


ℹī¸ Note that an invitation to join an account will expire after 15 days. At this point you will need to request a new invitation.

If you require assistance, please contact   



What's next? 



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