Enabling Password Protection for Brand Portals

How to restrict access to a Brand Portal by password protecting it

Brand portals are very useful both for internal and external use. Depending on how you plan to use a brand portal you might want to add a layer of security to it. This article explains how you can adjust the security settings of a Brand Portal so that only those with the password can access it. 


Activating a Password


1. Click on the name of a Brand Portal to enter the detail page

2. Click on the "Settings" tab

3. Toggle the button to enable a password


⚠️ If you disable Password Protect, you will lose the current password and will need to type it in again (or type in a new one) the next time you enable password protect.


4. Type in a password

5. Save changes




With password protect enabled, the next time anyone accesses your Brand Portal, this message will pop up:



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