Connecting Plytix to your BigCommerce Store

How to connect your BigCommerce store and multiple storefronts to Plytix PIM

Creating and updating products in your BigCommerce store is easy with Plytix! With Plytix’s BigCommerce app, you can connect different storefronts in your BigCommerce account to your PIM with no coding required. In this article you will learn how to access the Plytix app to connect your PIM with BigCommerce.

Connecting to the Plytix App

Logging into your Plytix Account

Signing up to Plytix with a New Account

Connecting Different Storefronts

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Connecting to the Plytix App

The first step to connect your BigCommerce store to Plytix is to install the Plytix app. 

  1. To do that, access the “Apps” section on the sidebar menu of your BigCommerce account. Then, click "Marketplace". Click the main button on the page to access the full page of BigCommerce apps.


2. Search for Plytix and open the Plytix PIM app; this will redirect you to Plytix’s app listing. 

On the listing page you can find all the information you need, including the access requirements needed to use BigCommerce with Plytix. Click “Install”.


3. A disclaimer message will pop up listing the type of access required by the Plytix app; these access rights are needed to create and update products from Plytix to BigCommerce. 

Click “Confirm”.



4. Another popup will be displayed with a link to be redirected to the Plytix platform. Click “Go to Plytix”. 


5. You will then find a window with log in or sign up options.

There are two ways to connect BigCommerce to Plytix:


Logging in to your Plytix account

If you already have a Plytix account, click “Log in”. After logging in, a dropdown of all the accounts you are a user in will show up. 

Please note that you will only be able to select an account to connect BigCommerce to if:

  • The channels module is activated in the account
  • You have channel editing permissions

The button “Connect the account” will automatically be enabled for an account that meets both of these requirements.

ℹ️ If you’re facing any issues or would like to add channels in an account to access the BigCommerce connector, feel free to reach out to us by clicking the chat icon on the bottom right of the log in/sign up page.

Select an account and click “Connect this account”. 


A window will pop up to name your channel. Then, choose a storefront to connect to the channel.


ℹ️ Only one store is allowed per Plytix account, but you can add as many storefronts belonging to your BigCommerce as needed. After setting up your BigCommerce connector, you can create a different BigCommerce channel and select a different storefront within the same store. Refer to the end of this article for a guide on how to do it. 

Signing up to Plytix with a new account

If you don’t have a Plytix account, you can sign up through Google Single Sign-On or by manually inserting your email.


Next, verify your email address in your inbox. 

You will be redirected to a window to set up your password.

⚠️ The verification link expires in 24 hours but you can access the page as many times as needed within this timeframe. 

After creating your password, click “Save and continue”.

ℹ️ If you’re signing up through Google, the step of setting up a password will be skipped.


Then, set up your profile information. Click “Save profile information”. 


Fill in your account information with your company’s details. Click “Save the account and get started!


Then, you’ll get to set up your BigCommerce store information

Keep in mind that free accounts can create and view as many BigCommerce channels as needed; but you will only be able to process your channel once you purchase one of our paid plans.

Connecting Different Storefronts

After you’ve connected your BigCommerce store to Plytix, you can also create different channels for the different storefronts you have within that same store!

To connect different BigCommerce storefronts to Plytix:

  1. Click “Add channel” on the channels overview page.
  2. Name your channel and select the “BigCommerce” channel type
  3. Select your store and choose your storefront
  4. Click “Add channel” to save

Now you can start sending your products over from Plytix to the storefront you chose!

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