Downloading Content from a Brand Portal

How to Download content from a Plytix Brand Portal directly or in PDF, CSV, or XLSX format

Brand Portals are product content portals where visitors can browse and download content directly from their partners. In this article, you will learn how to download content from an Brand Portal.


What kind of content is available

How to use Quotes

How to select products and files

How to download a spreadsheet

How to download a PDF

How products are sorted upon export

How to access downloaded content


ℹī¸ Please note that download options are managed by the creators of the portals, they may not have any download options enabled. Therefore options will may vary based on the portal you visit.



💡 Before you get started downloading content, learn how to navigate a Brand Portal


What kind of content is available for download

Brand Portals enable you to download different types of product content. They will have product specifications, images, videos, and other files available for you to download. Here are the different formats you can get from a Brand Portal:

  • Spreadsheet with product content and file URLs
  • PDF product sheets
  • Individual files
  • ZIP files with multiple items


The "Quotes" option allows you to ask for more information from the vendor or partner you are working with. When choosing the "Quote" selection, you will be shown a page where you can request different quantities of an item, input your name, and send an optional message with more information. Quotes are sent directly to your vendor or partner. 

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How to select products and files

From the product overview use the switches to make your selection. You will see a summary of your selection on the download icon. You can also review your selection here. 


You can also enter a product detail page and from there add an individual product to your selection, or simply download information about this one product. 

Don't worry, the previous selection you have made will stick around and once you have selected an individual product from a product details page, and you would like to navigate back to the product overview, the product will also still be selected. 


You can also go to individual files and download them directly using the direct download arrow icon.


How to download a spreadsheet

You can download product data including related files using the Data Sheet export option. 



This will open up further options for how to format your spreadsheet. With this you can:

  • Select your data format - CSV or XLSX.
  • Select the product attributes you want to see in your spreadsheet.
  • Choose to include a ZIP file of all the product assets you chose. Here you can also define the file types you want to download and if you would like to resize them. 

ℹī¸ The ZIP file selection will make you download a ZIP file for each selected product, which will contain all files connected to each product.




To finalize your download, provide an email address where the information will be sent.  Then click "Download." Your content will be packaged up and sent to you via email with a link that will expire after a period of time.

How to download a PDF

If the option is available to you, you can also download a PDF product sheet. Go to the download options and select "Download PDF".

To finalize your download, provide an email address where the PDF will be sent. 


How products are sorted upon export

The order in which your selected products are populated into your PDF or data sheet is dependant on the order you have chosen the products to be displayed using the 'Sorting' option. Set sorting conditions and define in which order they should display in the products tab to customize your output.


How to access downloaded content

When downloading from a Brand Portal, you will receive your selection via email through a download link that expires after a certain time. 

In the e-mail, you will see the name of the portal you downloaded from (1), a disclaimer (2), and 'Download your files' button that takes you to your data selection (3).

What do E-Catalog users receive when downloading?-1


When clicking the 'Download your files' button, you will be taken to a page where you can download your selection. 

⚠ī¸ If the Brand Portal is password protected, you will need to input the password to receive your downloaded content


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