Overview of the Asset Detail Page

How to navigate the asset detail page and manage information for an individual asset

The asset detail page is where you can see all the information that makes up an individual asset. This article will explain the purpose of each of the different sections of the asset detail page. 


Thumbnail, Name and URL

File Type, Size, and Access Dates

Asset Actions

Linked Products

Asset Categories


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Asset Detail Page

You can access the asset detail page in two places:

1. By going to a Product Detail's page, and clicking on the "Assets" tab.

2. By going to the Assets Overview page.

In both places you can access the asset detail page in two ways:

In list view: click on the thumbnail of your asset and you will be redirected to the asset detail page.

In grid view: hover over the the thumbnail of your asset and click 'Open asset in a new tab' to access the asset detail page.


Thumbnail, Name, and URL

When you enter the asset detail page, the first thing you'll see is the thumbnail of your asset, if a preview is available. To the right of the image, you can see whether the asset is set to public or private, the name of the asset, and the URL where it is hosted. Click on the URL to see open a preview of the asset in a new tab.


💡 To rename an asset, just click on the file name and begin typing. Hit enter to save.

ℹī¸ When a user uploads or imports a duplicate asset, a string of 6 alphanumerical digits will be added to the end of the file name to show it has been duplicated. 

File Type, Size, and Access Dates

In the top right corner of the page, you can see information about the file type and size, as well as when the asset was created and modified. Clicking on the arrows next to this information will take you to the detail page of the previous or next asset. 3-1

Asset Actions

Here you can also see several icons. Click the download icon to download the asset. Click the cloud icon to replace the asset and you'll be asked to upload a new file. Click the trash can icon to delete the asset and you'll be asked to type "DELETE" to confirm.4-1

Linked Products

Continuing down the page, you can see two tabs: 'Products' and 'Categories.' In the 'Products' tab, you can view all of the products that are linked to this asset.

Asset Detail Page (1)You can link new products by clicking the purple 'Link products' button on the right in the image above. This will take you to the following screen to select which products you want to link to the asset. Then, click 'Next' 6Select the media attribute you want to link your asset to, then click 'Link'7

You can unlink products by checking the box next to any product and clicking the 'Unlink' button that appears.8


Asset Categories

In the 'Categories' tab, you can view how your asset is categorized. Selected categories will appear on the right side. If you want to add the asset to another category, simply check the box next to the category name and you will see it appear on the right side.



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