Create and Manage Asset Lists

How to create and use Asset Lists

Asset Lists help you organize your assets into usable segments that can be used for internal management, exports, or applied to E-Catalogs to set up the file sharing section.

Asset Lists, like Product Lists, can be Smart or Static. Smart Lists use filters to dynamically define the contents of the list, while a Static List is hand-picked, and does not update automatically.

How to create an Asset List

  1. From the top navigation go to ASSETS > LISTS
  2. In the Asset List area, on the right side, click CREATE A LIST
  3. Choose whether you want the list to be Static or Smart
  4. Give the Asset List a name (you can always change this later)
  5. Click SAVE

From here you will be taken to the List Editing area. 

How to Create a Smart Asset List

These Lists are dynamically based on filters, which means that your list will auto-update based on the conditions you choose. When you arrive in the List Editing area, you can start to set these filters up by clicking the PLUS icon. Your selection will be shown in the table area.


How to Create a Static Asset List

These Lists are based on assets that you hand-pick. When you arrive in the List Editing area, you can start to add products by clicking LINK ASSETS. Note that this will only allow you to link existing assets within the system. If you need to add more assets, then head over to the Asset Overview.