Processing of your escalated ticket

What you can expect once a reported issue in the system has been escalated as a ticket to the dev team in Plytix

If you have reported any issue that you are experiencing in the system and this issue has been escalated as a ticket that means that our developer team needs to look into fixing this issue. In this article you will learn more about how this fixing process here at Plytix looks like and when you can expect a fix for your reported issue. If you're not sure how to report an issue, check out this article first

What is an escalated ticket

How long until it gets fixed

Fixing Process

What is an escalated ticket? 

If there are any issues that you are experiencing with the system that seem to be more complex, our Customer Success Team will need to escalate a ticket on your behalf. A ticket is basically a task that will get created for our developer team. 

So, once the ticket has been escalated:

  1. The task will get handed over to our development team.
  2. You will receive a notification that it has been escalated.

This also allows us to make sure to follow up with you whenever there is any update about the issue you reported. 

How long does it take for a ticket to be fixed?

This is probably the million dollar question, right?

And the only honest answer to this is: there is no real answer for that. Depending on the complexity of the issue it can take minutes, while others need weeks to be fixed. 


💡 If the issue you reported is determined to be of high level impact or seriousness, we will begin the fix as soon as we can. We use a simple 3 level system to define impact where a Level 1 is the lowest and  a Level 3 is the highest.


Now, what if your ticket is not considered a high level impact issue?

In the next section we will explain you how the process looks like once a ticket of level 1 or 2 is handed over to our development team. 


How does the fixing process at Plytix look like? 

Once we have escalated your reported issue as a ticket to our development team, there are a couple of stages that your ticket will run through until you can expect a final fix:

  1. Research
  2. Work in progress
  3. Testing 
  4. Deploy (OR depending on outcome: going back to step 2!) 



In the first stage our developer team will need to do some researching to find the root cause of the issue and a possible solution to it. 

Depending on the complexity of the issue this phase can take from 1 day up to 1 week. 


Work in progress

Once a possible root cause of the issue has been defined, they will add your ticket to the development "backlog queue" where the ticket will get assigned to a dedicated developer who will then work on the code for the fix. 

Our developers work in  "sprints". A sprint is a fixed period of time of two to three weeks where at the end of the sprint, some tickets have been coded and are ready to go to live in production. 

This process takes place on a bi-weekly basis ("sprints"), so the ticket will wait to be added to a next sprint for deployment. A sprint also includes a series of testing and quality assurance to make sure everything is working together in harmony.

So at this point we are talking a minimum processing time of 3 weeks for fixing an issue that has been escalated as a ticket. 



Before any code reaches production, it passes through several testing environments just to be sure that there are no errors in the code before reaching the Production environment:

  1. Development Environment
  2. QA Environment
  3. Production Environment

Once a code has been created, it will first pass through the "Development Environment", and the "QA Environment" where developers, QA and the Product team are doing testing and validation of the code in these testing environments. In this environment live no client data, just testing accounts. 

This testing stage can take up to another 2 weeks (so we are talking a total amount of 5 weeks by now) 




If during the testing stage everything went well and no other bugs or errors have been detected, the fix of your reported issue is ready to be deployed. 

If, on the other hand, during the testing stage there have arisen any errors, the team will have to go back to the work in progress stage which would extend the duration of the fix. 

So, as you can see there are many factors that have an impact on the duration of how long it takes for a reported issue to get fixed.

From day 1 you have been reporting your issue to us it can take us a minimum of up to 6 weeks to deploy a final fix (or sometimes even longer), depending on complexity and outcome of the testing stage. 


What's Next


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