Account Settings

How to navigate the account settings area

The Account Administration area of Plytix gives an overview of the account usage. It is also where owners and admins of an account can manage users and teams, plan and billing information, and API keys.
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Accessing the account administration area

There are two ways to access the Account Administration area.

1. Directly by navigating to

2. By clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner of the platform, then on the settings  setting icon-png  icon in your profile overview. 

Access the account admin area by clicking on your name in the Plytix platform, then clicking on the settings icon.


Account Summary

When you enter the Account Administration area, you will be taken to the account information area, which contains a summary of all of your account's data, including:

  • SKUs
  • assets
  • team members
  • attributes
  • storage use
  • API keys
  • Channels, Brand Portals, and Product Sheets

The account admin area contains a summary of information about your account and your user profile.

At the top of the account settings area you will find your account information:

At the top of the account settings area you can view the information about your account name, plan type, role and account ID.

Account Logo You can update this by clicking on the image to upload a new one.


Account Name


This cannot be edited or changed by users. If you need to edit the account name please have an account admin or owner contact us.


Plytix ID


This is your account's unique identifier. It is helpful to have this number when contacting support. 


Assigned Role


This tells you what user role you have been assigned. Permissions are given based on roles.




This shows you which plan you are currently on. You can change this in the "Plan" section.


On the left menu of the Account Information area, you'll see that below account you can click on 'Profile' to display information specific to the user who is logged in. Here you can edit personal information including:

  • Name
  • Job function
  • Username
  • Password

The profile area of the account admin area gives you information about you as a user.


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Account Information Sections

Below the header you will find different sections where admins can manage different settings. 



ℹ️ The sections you see depend on the permissions set for your user role.


This section gives you an overview of the contents of your account, which add-ons are active, and any account limits included in your plan. All users have access to the 'Info' section. 

The info tab of the account admin area shows information about products, assets, storage, output usage and more.

Modules are displayed based on your plan.

  • Add ons not included in your plan are displayed in gray.
  • Add ons included in your plan are displayed in green.
  • Adds ons whose limits have been reached are displayed in yellow.

You may also delete your account from this area.

If your plan has limits on number of products or storage, you'll see these numbers appear in red, with an "Account limit reached" message with a link to upgrade your plan.


If any of your account limits are reached, you will receive a message about upgrading your account.

ℹ️ If you would like to increase your account limits or activate an add-on, please reach out to your customer success manager. 



The details of your subscription live in this section. This is where you can manage your subscription plan, add or edit company details, and add or change your credit card on file and view your payment method. 

The plan tab has information about billing, company details, and your credit card information.


ℹ️ Learn more about changing your account plan or updating billing and payment method.

You can edit your credit card information in the "Payment method" section of the "Plan" tab.


Keep track of all your invoices here. Use the filter to sort invoices by year issued.

The invoices tab shows you invoices in order of date issued. They can be sorted by year.

ℹ️ Learn more about how to view your invoices.




From here you can invite, block, and remove users. You can also assign users a role.

The Team tab lets you invite users to your account as well as assign roles to users.




In this section, you can view and create permission schemes for your users. 

The Roles tab lets you view the system roles and custom roles available for your account. You may create new custom roles here.


ℹ️ Learn more about how to create a new user role and how to set permissions for a role.




In this section, you can generate new API keys to use for integration with other tools. 

In the API tab you can view active API keys for your account and create new ones.

ℹ️  Learn more about assigning API keys.


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