API for the PIM

How to set up API Keys, plan limits, and documentation

Plytix offers an API for the PIM which enables other applications to create, edit and extract information directly in Plytix. This is essential in case you need to integrate an ERP system or any other service directly with Plytix. In this article, you will learn how to access the API documentation, what the current plan limits are, and how to create and manage API Keys.

ℹ️ Only Owners and Admins can create and manage API keys


In order to learn how the API works in detail, jump over to http://apidocs.plytix.com to access the technical documentation.


Plan Limits

Plytix has two plan types with distinct rate limits for the API. All rate limits are applied based on API credentials known as keys. These limits are enforced on all the resources available in the API. 


Each API key in the Free plan is allowed 20 requests every 10 seconds, capped at 2000 requests per hour. 


Each API key in the PRO plans are allowed 50 requests every 10 seconds, capped at 5000 requests per hour.


Creating API Keys

API Keys are required before you can create a successful integration with the Plytix API. 


⚠️ The API credentials allow access to manipulate the data in your account, so only share the API credentials with trusted contacts and services.


To create API credentials, you must have Admin rights. 

How to generate an API Key

  1. Go to accounts.plytix.com
  2. Locate the API tab

  3. Click "Create API Key"
  4. Give your Key a name
  5. Set the role of the API key, which will determine access rights
  6. Click "Create API Key" to save

💡 We recommend identifying the integration or party who will be using the Key directly in the name so that you know who has access to a particular Key.


To reveal the API Password, hover near it and click the "eye" icon. 


Screenshot 2020-02-25 at 10.59.04

You can also edit and delete API keys using the icons next to the assigned role. 


Assigning API Roles

API Roles allow you to determine how much access the API Key has to your data in the PIM.  You can assign and change an API key role in the "API" tab in the Account Administration section of Plytix.


To assign an API Key a new role: 

  1. Go to the API Key you want to edit
  2. Click the pencil icon on the right and a pop up should appear

  3. Choose a new role from the dropdown
  4. Click "Save API Key" to save and apply your changes


⚠️ Changing an existing API Key Role can result in the malfunctioning of your integration. Check before you change!

ℹ️ API Roles are managed the same as user roles in the Account Administration section under the "Roles" tab. The two types of user roles are System Roles and  custom Team Roles. 


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