Inviting users and managing your team

How to add, delete, and manage users in your Plytix account

This article will go over how to add, delete, and manage users, and transfer account ownership. You may skip to a specific section of this article by clicking on the links below.


ℹ️  Only Owners and Admins have permissions to complete these actions.


Accessing team settings

There are two ways of accessing the account settings page. You can navigate directly to into the URL bar, or follow the steps below:
1. Click on the account name at the top-right of the menu bar
click on your profile picture-1
2. Click on the settings icon 
Once on the account settings page, navigate to the "Team" tab.  

Inviting a new user

There is no limit to how many users can be invited to an account. For a user to join an existing account, they must be invited by an account owner or admin. 
To invite a new user, navigate to the "Team" tab of the account settings:
        1. Click on 'Invite users to your account'.
        2. Type in the user e-mail.
        3. Assign a role to this user (we will go over how to change the user role in the next section).
        4. Click 'Send invitation'.

      1. 5. Now the user will be visible under the "Invitations" tab where you can click 'Copy invitation link' if you wish to send the invitation this way instead of directly via email. 


ℹ️  An invitation will be sent to the new user via email. They will need to accept this invitation in order to join your account. They can only use the link provided in the email once. The link expires after 15 days, in which case you must resend the invitation for the user to join the account.

In the "Team" tab, you can see all invitations that have been sent and that are still pending acceptance. Hovering over an invitation will give you options to resend an invitation, or invalidate it by removing it.


Changing a user's role

You can assign and change an existing user or an invitee's role at any time in the "Team" tab. You can choose from a set of pre-created system roles or create custom Team Roles.


To change a user's role: 

1. Find the user or invitee whose role you'd like to change. 

2. Click on the dropdown in the "Role" column 

3. Select a role from the dropdown

The new role will be saved automatically. 


Plytix assigning user roles


💡  You can also assign roles to API keys


Deleting an existing user

The account owner and admins can delete any user, regardless of user role in the "Team" tab. This will remove their access to the account in question. If a user has access to many accounts they must be deleted from each one. 


ℹ️  Account owners cannot be deleted. The owner must first transfer ownership of the account to a different user.


To delete a user: 

        1. Locate the user you would like to delete under Active Users 
        2. Hover over the user's row 
        3. Click on the bin icon that appears in the far right of the row
        4. Confirm your decision by clicking DELETE

delete user


⚠️  Deleting a user cannot be undone, however, you can always 're'-invite a deleted user. 



Transferring account ownership

Ownership of an account can be transferred to a different user at any time. Only the current owner of the account has the permissions necessary to do this. 


To transfer ownership of an account: 

  1. Go to the "Team" tab
  2. Under "Active Users," locate the user whom you'd like to transfer ownership to
  3. Hover over the user's row 
  4. Click on the user icon that appears to the left of the bin icon in the far right of the row
  5. Confirm your decision by clicking TRANSFER OWNERSHIP 


transfer account ownership


The ownership of the account will be transferred immediately. The previous owner will be given the role of 'Admin' by default. 


⚠️ Transferring ownership of an account does NOT delete the previous owner. You must do this manually. 


What's next? 


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