Process Log

How to monitor system processes like imports, exports, and bulk edits

Some operations require a bit of processing time to finish. To find out what processes are currently running or have recently finished, you can consult the Process Log. 

Processes that require processing time include:

  • Imports
  • Exports
  • Feed and Channel processing
  • Completion Attribute calculations
  • Bulk Updates

Accessing the Process Log

You can find the Process Log in the top right of the main navigation bar. 


Reading the Process Log

The Process Log has two sections: Process Queue and Activity. 

  • The Process Queue shows all active or pending processes. If the process is in this part of the Log it is not completed yet. 
  • The Activity part of the Log shows the last 25 completed processing events. 


Each processing event has a set of information: 

  • Who executed the action 
  • The action
  • The time and date of the action
  • The status of the action