Import Logs

After an import has completed, you can access the log and sort out any potential issues with your import file.

To access the logs from your imports, click on 'Products' in the top menu and choose 'Import' from the dropdown (1), on the left side of the screen click the 'Import logs' button (2). From this overview you can see the state of an import (3) and also the result after completing an import (4). To see a more detailed import log, click the '+ Info' button (5).

Screenshot 2019-03-05 at 11.16.01

Reading an import log

The import log displays the action and state of every product in the import job.

On top of the table you can search for a specific product and filter on any action or state (1). If a product has a warning or error, you can click the SKU to see the detailed status message (2). Furthermore, you can download both your original import file and report from the actions button on the top right (3).

Import logs 2