Export Logs

After exporting product data from the Product Overview table, you can find it in the export logs.

In Plytix, you can export products in CSV, XLSX, and PDF format from the product overview. Sometimes, if the file is small enough, will automatically be generated into your browser. If the file is large or contains complex information, you might receive it in your email once it is finished. 

Regardless of how the file is delivered, you will see a summary of these exports in the Export Logs where you can download the original file. 

How to access Export Logs:

  1. Click PRODUCTS in the top navigation menu
  2. Choose EXPORTS from the dropdown menu


How to download files:


  1. In the table find the last column and click the round icon with the arrow
  2. The file will automatically download into the browser


How to read the table:


The table is limited to showing 25 records at a time. 



This is the date when the file was downloaded



This is the person who downloaded the file



The name of the file downloaded. PDF downloads show the name of the template plus a timestamp and spreadsheet downloads will show: plytix_index_export or plytix_export 



There are three file types that appear here: CSV and XLSX are spreadsheets and PDFs are documents. 

Only files from the Product Overview table are shown here. Downloads from catalogs and processed channels do not appear here. 



You will see three statuses here: SUCCESS (download is finished), FAILED (download failed for some reason), RUNNING (download is in progress)



Links to files will expire after a certain amount of time. After that time they will disappear from the table and no longer be accessible.