Renaming Assets

How to rename an existing asset

It may happen that you need to rename an asset that's been uploaded to Plytix. This can be due to a typo, or because it doesn't follow the correct naming convention for your company. Whatever the case, renaming an asset in Plytix is an easy task.


💡 This article explains how to rename asset files in Plytix.You can also rename an asset upon export as needed. 


How to Rename Existing Assets

Rename an asset in Plytix by clicking on its name, typing a new name, and hitting the 'enter' key.

  1. Navigate to the details page of the asset you want to rename.
  2. Click on the name of the asset.
  3. Enter a new name.
  4. Click the enter button on your keyboard to save.

ℹī¸ The URL of the asset will also update to match the asset's new name. 


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