Delete A File

Deleting files you no longer want in your account, individually or in bulk.

Deleting files in PIM is rather uncommon. Please consider if it’s more fitting to replace the file, set it to private or unlink it from Products or Catalogs.

* Deleting a file cannot be undone, so make sure that is what you really want to do.

Individual deletion of a File from its file details

Navigate to the File’s details screen. In the top right corner of the screen, select 'Delete' from the actions menu (1).

Individual deletion of a file from its file details

Bulk deletion of files from the Files overview screen

To delete a file from the Files overview screen, you can simply select the file(s) you want to delete (1), then click the 'Delete' button (2).

Bulk deletion of files

You can also quickly select a larger quantity of files, by clicking the multi select button (1). This gives you a selection of all files (2). If you press the 'Delete' button now (3), this will delete all files on the first page (4). If you want to select all files at once, then press the 'Select all # files' button (5), before pressing the 'Delete' button.

mass selection of files for deletion